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Here you can find all the essentials you need for new trees and hedges, by far the most popular are the bamboo canes and spiral tree guards which provide support and protection from Rabbits, particularly for smaller plants. Landscape fabric offers excellent weed supression and may be fixed with the purpose made staples to prevent wind dislodgement, many customers choose to use soaker hose underneath and then cover the fabric with a decorative mulch.

For larger plants we stock tree ties in a range of sizes together with stakes which are also useful for supporting windbreak netting, this is an excellent product especially when planting bare rooted evergreen hedge plants which can be prone todessication in drying winds before the roots re establish.

We also recommend Bone Meal and especially Rootgrow to aid the fast establishment of your new hedging, trees and shrubs.

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  • Bamboo canes have many uses in the garden and are great supports for newly planted hedges, especially with spiral tree guards. We offer discounted packs for large quantities.

  • These are very strong buckle type tree ties that are ideal for supporting taller young trees especially in windy situations, we recommend using them with our rounded tree stakes.

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  • A very strong woven material that still allows water to penetrate. An ideal weed supressent around newly planted shrubs and hedges that can be covered with decorative mulch.

  • These are the easy way to secure landscape fabric to prevent dislodgement by wind, simply insert one staple every 50-100cm along the edge. Easily removed and re used.

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  • Regular watering in dry spells is essential for any newly planted hedge, our soaker hose kits make it easy, simply unroll the pipe along the length of hedge and connect to your tap.

  • The most cost effective way of protecting young hedging plants from rabbit damage, these are clear spirals available in two sizes also available in discounted wholesale packs.

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  • Treated softwood tree stakes available in smaller square sizes that are ideal for younger trees and larger rounded stakes suitable for taller trees when used with buckle ties.

  • Invaluable protection for newly planted hedges on more exposed sites, especially bare rooted evergreens that may be vulnerable to water loss while establishing.

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