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Dogwood Red Stemmed

Dogwood Red Stemmed (Cornus Alba Sibirica) provides your garden with a gorgeous shade of red in winter thanks to its colourful stems, that showcase themselves once their brightly coloured autumnal leaves have dropped. During the summer months they have beautiful green leaves, and tiny white flowers that turn into white berries in the autumn.

Like the other varieties of Dogwood, the Dogwood Red Stemmed enjoy being planted in the sunniest spot of your garden, or where there is partial sun. It does well in most soils but ultimately prefers well-drained soil that is moist. It can thrive well in sand, loam, chalk or clay soil too.

These hedges tend to grow up to two and a half metres tall and the same in width, however to reach this height it can take between five and ten years. That being said they do grow fairly quickly, on average one to one and a half feet a year.

The younger the shoots, the brighter the colour of the stem. To get this it is best to prune this hedge once a year after the final frost in spring, however it isn’t a necessity to prune them. They can go a couple of years without any pruning - it won’t affect the plant, and the stems will still be red, just not as bright. We’d recommend planting the Dogwood Red Stemmed in bold groups and between two and two and a half feet apart.

Why not inject some colour into your winter garden by planting a variety of Dogwood plants to make your landscape come alive during the quietness of winter?

We have a range of Dogwood Red Stemmed plants available in bare root form. For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging varieties, contact our specialist team members for more information.

DOGWOOD RED STEMMED. Cornus alba Sibirica. 60/90cm (2-3ft)
DOGWOOD RED STEMMED Cornus alba Sibirica
60/90cm (2-3ft) Bare Root 2 year old
Recommended plants per metre = 3
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A large deciduous shrub, the Dogwood Red Stemmed(Cornus Alba Sibirica) has outstanding bright red winter stem colour, the green leaves turn red and orange in autumn. Produces flat heads of white flowers and white fruits in autumn. For best effect plant in bold groups 60-75cm (2-2.5ft) apart. Grows 30-45cm (1-1.5ft) per year.

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