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Here at our family run nursery in the heart of the beautiful countryside of Kent, we grow a wide selection of trees ready to be shipped across the country.

We take all due care and attention necessary to ensure each individual plant gets the best start in life, helping to provide you with the best quality trees for your garden/landscape. We have been providing fantastic hedging and plant choices since 1992 in our beautiful 70-acre nursery, and come highly recommended by designers, gardeners, farmers and landscapers.

Each tree is unique, and can provide you with something different to help cater for your requirements. From wanting privacy, to a tree that flowers and grows fruit for you to enjoy, to trees that can be a centrepiece, standing tall in your garden, providing a range of gorgeous autumnal colours, we have something for everyone and every garden.

We would recommend for you to take a look through our catalogue of wonderful trees to see which it is you desire, and to acquire the right knowledge of your chosen tree. This will provide you with all you need to know when it comes to planting and looking after it, as every tree has a different need and preference to the soil it will reside in.

To view our range of trees available, please see below. Should you have any questions or require any advice before making a purchase then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialist team members on 01580 765600, or take a look at our contact page.

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  • A beautiful and fine small spring flowering tree, excellent for smaller gardens. The bare branches are clothed with rich pink flowers in spring with edible nuts in the Autumn.

  • The June Berry, Amelanchier lamarckii brings a flurry of gorgeous white flowers in spring as the bronzy coloured new leaves emerge, lovely as a tree, shrub or hedge.

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  • Birches are tough and easy to grow trees with magnificent stem colour that appears on older specimens, all have a graceful habit of growth and attractive autumn foliage.

  • A small tree that exudes a sweet burnt sugar smell in autumn hence its name. Candy Floss or Katsura tree has heart shaped leaves turning many colours over the seasons.

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  • We have the native Wild, Bird and Cornelian cherries here as well as the showy ornamental flowering varieties, not forgetting the beautiful Tibetan Cherry with its ornamental bark.

  • This palm like tree more commonly known as the Cabbage tree has spikey foliage with pleasantly scented white flowers. May need protection when young,grows to 4 metres.

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  • Horizontal branches in architectural tiers of this magnificent plant commonly known as a Wedding Cake Tree become clothed in creamy white flowers in May and June

  • Flowering Dogwoods provide a vivid display of crimson and purple colour in Autumn. This follows the stunning summer effect of tiny flowers with showy bracts.

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  • The Crabapple is one of our native trees sought after for the crabapple jelly made from its fruits, a lovely ornamental tree, the wild crabapple makes an excellent hedging plant.

  • These are sought after and deservedly popular small shrubs are grown for the beauty and fragrance of their flowers that appear during some of the shortest days.

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  • This hardy prized ornamental tree is commonly known as a Pocket Handkerchief or Dove Tree due to the apperance of its white bracts that surround tiny flowers.

  • This highly unusual fruiting shrub has yellowish flowers in late spring followed by large eye catching vivid blue pods in autumn. will grow in full sun or partial shade.

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  • A great native shrub for attracting wildlife with its familiar flat heads of white flowers and bunches of shiney black elderberries, easy to grow and good for chalky soil.

  • ENKIANTHUS                        
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  • These are easily maintained evergreens with year round appeal, we grow the smaller gold and silver varieties and the larger japonicus types, all make great hedging plants.

  • FATSIA                        
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  • Also known as Flannel bush due to the soft leathery feel of its lobed leaves, large bright yellow flowers adorn this attractive evergreen shrub from late spring to autumn.

  • Ornamental rich brown seed pods follow scented white flower clusters of the Robina pseudoaccacia Frisia. Rich golden feathery foilage adds a lovely contrast to a garden.

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  • Witch Hazels give superb autumn and winter interest due to their delightful autumn foliage and amazing spider like fragrant flowers that appear on branches in winter. 

  • A good hedge in its own right or in mixed hedgerows. Hazel sticks are often used as rustic plant supports. Probably the only harvest you will get before the squirrels!

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  • A great semi evergreen shrub for some winter interest and scent. Winter Honeysuckle has creamy white flowers appearing from the bare branches in winter.

  • This unusual cultivar of Hornbeam has all the same habits but is more eye catching as the leaves of bright red and orange are on show until mid to late November.

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  • Clusters of slender elongated seed pods, from which the tree is named follow panicles of white flowers.  A graceful tree with exceptionally large heart shaped leaves.

  • Laburnum Vossi is small tree usually growing in a vase shape but can be trained into other shapes. Beautiful fragrant bright yellow racemes of trailing flowers.

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  • A fantastic shrub for borders these well know deciduous plants have delightfully scented flower clusters over eye catching heart shaped rich green leaves.

  • Something different, Liquidambars are beautiful trees with exotic maple like foliage that has great autumn colour, not a common hedge but they do tolerate trimming very well.

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  • Magnolias in tree or shrub form produce star or trumpet shaped flowers in spring or summer. Evergreen Magnolias can be trained up walls and fences.

  • Mahonia also known as Oregon Grape are large evergreen shrubs with spikey leathery pinnate leaves. They make a great focal point in any garden.

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  • Architectural nature of Acer palmatum, smaller growing deciduous shrubs, along with the ornamental beauty and colour of their leaves makes them a superb focal point.

  • The Crimson King Maple is a large growing and very striking tree. This robust deciduous tree is tolerant of both indifferent soil and pollution. Amazing leaf colour in autumn.

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  • Acer griseum, a most beautiful tree. Dark green leaves are vibrant orange, red and scarlet in autumn. The greyish brown bark peals to display cinnamon brown young bark.

  • Sorbus aucuparia, the Mountain Ash or Rowan - a tree that grows practically anywhere delighting humans and birds with its colourful berries in late summer.

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  • In autumn the foliage of this pretty small tree turns to truly awesome colours of crimson, orange and yellow. In early spring attractive clusters of small red flowers appear.

  • Populus deltoides Purple Tower is a smaller version of Poplar Lombardy with bright wine red leaves maturing to rich purple. Dark red stems have beige speckles.

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  • These hardy little trees are shrubby and compact in habit developing into tidy rounded mature tress. Versatile as they tolerant of most soils exposed and coastal sites.

  • Romneya coulteri or Californian Tree Poppy preferring a sunny site, has striking grey green foliage showing off the papery white yellow centred flowers from July to October.

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  • An abundance of droplet white bell shaped flowers adorn Halesia Carolina, a mulit-stemmed shrub. Green leaves in spring, go a buttery yellow in autumn before dropping.

  • A stunning tree having pink, red-brown and grey bark when mature complimenting beautifully the bowl shaped white flowers during summer. Fantatsic autumn colour.

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  • Deep green lustrous leaves of this delightful small evergreen Arbutus unedo are a splendid backdrop for white pendant flowers in Autumn with maturing fruits from previous year.

  • The dramtic foliage of the Sumach tree gives the most magnificent autumnal colours. Clusters of bright red berries in autumn often last into winter with bare antler like branches.

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  • Liriodendron tulipifera has an unusual but attractive saddle shaped leaf. A conical large tree with beautiful and different orange, yellow and green tulip shaped flowers.

  • Viburnum tinus and its varieties are superb winter interest plants in bud or flower from Autumn until Spring, Bodnantense Dawn is great deciduous Winter shrub or hedge.

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  • Bright Edge is a smaller growing variety of Yucca with conspicuous striped blue green leaves which carry creamy coloured flowers. It is drought tolerant and resistant to deer.


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