Clematis armandii are best planted in a sheltered sunny spot, they like their foliage in the sun and roots in the shade, ideally with a good mulch applied early each spring. any good garden soil is suitable but waterlogged sites should be avoided, as should any spot liable to get battered by cold winds which the plants dislike.

Evergreen Clematis armandii are group 1 for pruning, the simplest ones to look after as they do not need regular pruning! This group comprises the early-blooming clematis that flower on shoots produced the previous season. They require no regular pruning except for the removal of faded flowers.  In subsequent years some training and perhaps thinning may be necessary. If renovation is required, plants can be cut back to 15cm (6in) from the base, after flowering.  This operation will affect flowering and should not be carried out again within three years