Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple Tree: needing little introduction, Greenish yellow fruits flushed with orange; deep cream flesh has a deliciously sweet aromatic flavour. Pick in October.

James Grieve Apple Tree: Deservedly popular dual purpose apple that can be eaten directly from the tree or used for cooking, red flushed pale green fruits. Crisp and juicy with an excellent flavour. Reliable.

Sylvia Sweet Cherry Tree: this popular cherry produces heavy crops of delicious dark fruits of exceptional quality.

Concorde Pear Tree: A great ‘all round’ pear with russetted pale yellow skin that often takes a rosy red flush when fully ripe, easy to grow.

Victoria Plum Tree: By far the most popular plum variety, the large oval shaped fruits are bright red when fully ripe….and quite delicious!

(In exceptional circumstances, should any of the varieties above become out of stock we will substitute with a similar variety of equal or greater value)

All our fruit trees are supplied on variety-appropriate semi dwarfing rootstocks and will grow to approx 3-5 metres, we would recommend planting them 4-6 metres apart.

Fruit trees are easy to grow in most soils that do not become waterlogged, young trees will establish and develop more quickly if a small circle around the base 50-100cm across is kept completely clear of weeds, ideally with a mulch of bark chippings or similar to conserve moisture. We also recommend adding rootgrow when planting for faster root establishment.