Hardy Fuchsia has a long flowering season, often from late spring through to October, making a large red – purple display for many months. The distinctive Fuchsia flower emerges from a red stem, amidst the dark green, golden or variegated foliage with a bronzy sheen making an attractive display if planted in groups. The flowers are a bright and encouraging for bees and other pollinating insects, providing a good source of nectar.

We supply the Hardy Fuchsia shrubs as a sturdy pot grown plant ready to be planted straight into the garden, this can be planted at anytime of the year, ideal for coastal situations, often seen growing as roadside hedging in the West of Ireland and milder areas of England. In colder areas hard winter frosts may cut the plants back, but they will regenerate in Spring. Fuchsia Riccartonii is suitable for hedges of 100-200cm in size, growing 30cm per year in average soil, the other hedging Fuchsias are smaller in stature.

Many of these colourful, versatile plants have been given the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Hardy Fuchsia is a fully hardy plant in most districts but there is the possibility that the top growth may well get killed off by sharp spring frosts, but new growth will quickly emerge from the base. To maintain and keep the shrub to the size required, it is advisable to prune it back in the spring.