Lavatera Selection Pack Of Three Bargain Packs

Lavatera are very popular ‘Cottage Garden’ shrubs are grown for their long succession of freely produced Hollyhock like flowers produced from June until Autumn. They tend to be strong growing shrubs that develop quickly, ideal for space filling in sunny beds and borders and need little care apart from a hard prune each Spring to keep them looking great. They are also very popular with bees and butterflies.

Our bargain pack contains three plants all grown in large 3 litre pots exactly the same as those on our Lavatera page but with a healthy discount of 25% compared to buying the same plants individually. Your pack of three plants will contain one each of the following three varieties (all will be labelled):

Lavatera Barnsley: A delightful cottage garden shrub producing hundreds of silky pale pink ‘Hollyhock’ flowers with rosy red centres.

Lavatera Burgundy Wine: a steady succession of deep pink Hollyhock type flowers held above luxurious felted green leaves.

Lavatera Olbia Rosea: long sucession (June until Autumn) of colourful pink ‘Hollyhock’ flowers held against felted grey-green foliage will be a delight all season.

(Should any of the varieties above be out of stock we may substitute with other similar plants of the same size and value, always in three different varieties)

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Lavatera are easy semi evergreen shrubs to grow requiring little more than a sunny spot in soil that does not waterlog during the Winter. To maintain an attractive shape and to stop them getting straggly over time, prune hard to within 30cm of the base in Spring each year after the worst frosts have passed. The regrowth will be quick and prolific yielding large numbers of attractive Mallow flowers from June right through until Autumn.

On windy and exposed sites the long summer growth should be shortened by up to half in Autumn after flowering to prevent wind rock.

Lavatera are hungry plants and appreciate a generous mulch in spring, this can be done at the same time as pruning.