Xmas Trees Non Drop Nordmann Farm Stewardship Hedging

Christmas tree farming has become more and more popular over recent years with annual crops being either professionally harvested or grown as a pick your own farm. The first farm was established in 1901 but at that time most people would still go to the forests for their festive tree.

If you have a small acreage of ground and are looking for ways to get a profitable return from it, then looking at planting bare root small Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) transplants is an excellent and prudent option especially as it is a pretty low maintenance way of farming. The trees mature in around eight to 14 years and if planting a portion of the acreage with new trees each year, followed by re-planting scheme after harvesting, then a steady income should be produced year on year.

Nordmann Fir is extremely popular in the home due to its wonderful classic Christmas Tree shape with it dark green soft needles which are renowned for not dropping even as the tree dries out, this being one of the main reasons it is so popular! For the optimum yield of the Nordmann Fir, the land should be flat or gently sloping, well drained and in full sun. They should be planted far enough apart to allow the distinctive symmetrical shape to develop, needing a little pruning, possibly once a year, but even these off cuts can be utilised in wreath making and other decorations.

An interesting fact is that 1 acre of Christmas Trees provides the required daily oxygen for 18 people also providing wildlife habitat whist growing. Once harvested, cut trees decompose quickly if chipped and can be used as mulch. Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) is also used for reforestation in Europe, its soft white wood is used in general construction and for paper.

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