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Norway Spruce or Picea Abies is the traditional style Christmas tree which is to be seen during the Xmas season around the world. It is a large fast growing evergreen tree growing up to 1 metre per year when young but slowing down with age. A species native to eastern, central and northern Europe it is also often grown for its wood for paper production and is the most often planted of all the spruce varieties in other areas such as North America and Canada, as well as its own native habitat.

The capital of Norway gifts a large specimen of Norway Spruce to London, Edinburgh and Washington each Christmas to stand decorated in the middle of the city as gratitude for the help they gave the Norwegians during the Second World War. Norway Spruce is also the source of spruce beer, used to treat scurvy with its high vitamin C content as well as other ailments.

The largest cones of any spruce are to be found on Picea Abies attached to the downward hanging branchlets, although the main branches have an upward trend. Many farmers plant an acreage of Norway Spruce Xmas trees as a cash crop harvesting them for the Christmas market in years to come which provides a reasonable income either from selling on to a wholesaler or as dig your own.

Norway Spruce Christmas trees will grow in most reasonable soils even acidic areas but will not grow so well in areas that are dry or have poor soil.

Supplied as bare rooted plants Norway Spruce Xmas trees can be purchased for planting between November and approximately the end of March depending on the weather and spacing would depend upon the purpose for which they are grown, bearing in mind in good conditions they should grow quite quickly. If it were for the Christmas tree market, then the eventual height requirement would have to be considered.

If you have any questions about Norway Spruce Christmas trees, then ring one of our team who will be only too pleased to help.

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