Liquidambar Trees For Sale (Liquidambar Styraciflua) Sweet Gum Tree

The Sweet Gum (Liquidambar Styraciflua) is one of our most popular ornamental trees and makes a wonderful choice for gardens. Unusual and exotic looking star shaped glossy green foliage (similar to an Acer) that turns to brilliant Autumn hues of yellow, orange and red over a long period, interesting corky bark and ornamental seed clusters or ‘Gumballs’ on older trees make this a true all-rounder.

The bark of Liquidambar trees is curious and corky giving year round interest even after the leaves have dropped and make for great for kids bark rubbings – just add paper and a crayon!

Liquidambar Styraciflua trees will grow in any reasonable soil that does not become waterlogged in winter, these are low maintenance deciduous plants needing little aftercare.

Our Liquidambar Trees for sale will grow at a moderate rate achieving a height of 10 metres or so after 20 years, you may also be interested in our Pleached Liquidambar Trees that are already trained to make an unusual alternative for higher level privacy in your garden.

These beautiful specimens will add a touch of class and bring year round interest to any garden design or can be a graceful and effective way to soften the impact of nearby buildings or structures as the tree develops without shutting them out completely and stealing too much light.

Our Liquidambar trees for sale are available as pot grown specimens for delivery all year round, because there is no root disturbance they may be planted successfully at any time of year. When planting we always recommend adding rootgrow to the planting hole to give your young tree the very best start.