For best results with Carex Elata Aurea (Golden Sedge), plant in partial shade where the variegation will look it’s best – if planted in full sun they can end up looking bleached. They simply require cutting back after flowering.   They require moderately fertile, moist soil. They are one of those rarer plants that are happy in soil that becomes waterlogged!

How to grow Carex Elata Aurea

Position: Full sun, partial shade, dappled shade
Foliage: Semi-evergreen
Soil and site: Moist, boggy, clay, heavy
Flowering time: June to August
Growth rate: Slow to Moderate
Ultimate height and spread: to 70cm, spread to 50cm
Hardiness: Hardy
Aftercare: Water well until established, happy in soil that can be waterlogged. Cut back after flowering