The botanical name for this popular perennial is Aster novi-belgii but the Aster family are more commonly known as Michaelmas Daisies. Aster is a genus of the Asteraceae family of which there are nearly 200 different species. The name Aster is derived from the Greek word meaning star.

Aster Alice Haslam produces an amazing display of deep rose-pink flowers with a significant spot of yellow in the centre for added interest. They are compact growing to about 25-30cm but these fabulous long flowering plants will spread over years to come, giving an even bigger display of colour in front of borders. A plant much used by florists as a cut flower in bouquets and flower arrangements as the daisy like flower head and vibrant colours boost any arrangement or vase.

Loved by bees and butterflies the easy to grow and maintain Aster can be planted in any reasonable soil either in sun or partial shade.  Flowering is most typically from late summer throughout autumn giving colour to an otherwise dull garden as other plants die back. Deadheading gently will keep the plant tidy and encourage fresh growth.

With little or no root disturbance there is no specific time for planting out pot plants they can be purchased and planted all year round regardless of seasons.

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