The larger growing Catmint, much bolder clumps of grey-green aromatic foliage are topped by a riot of Lavender blue flowers held on upright stems throughout the summer months. These are great plants for sunny flower borders or amongst larger roses or paired with silver leaved plants, plant them near paths or close to the house so the aroma can be appreciated, especially after summer rain. Best in full sun , prefers a well drained soil, 70cm.

An excellent vigorous variety of catmint with hairy light grey foliage and abundance of large lavender blue flower spikes throughout summer. Requires well drained soil. Cut to ground level in spring. Grows to 60cms . Planting distances are very much a matter of personal choice and budget but as a rough guide 4 plants per sq. metre is adequate if you are patient, 6 per sq. metre will give better coverage while 9-12 plants per sq. metre will make a weed suppressing carpet quickly.