Geranium phaeum or Cranesbill to give it its common name is a genus made up from some 400 plus species one of which is the Lavender Pinwheel which is a particularly beautiful variety of hardy geranium. This stunning variety was bred almost by accident by an amateur gardener in the Netherlands before being spotted and taken under the umbrella of a larger professional team of growers who made it readily available commercially. As with all geraniums the Lavender Pinwheel is a hardy perennial which can be grown in borders, rose gardens or used as ground cover they are a welcome addition to those areas as they are resilient to the advances of rabbits, slugs and snails. They are found all over the temperate areas of the Mediterranean as sun and drier ground that is not waterlogged is their preferred planting site.

The Lavender Pinwheel species of Geranium is normally deciduous but in ideal weather can be semi-evergreen. Planting in most reasonable soils in sun or partial shade this variety of Geranium will if left gradually spread to make a weed suppressing carpet flowering steadily from early to midsummer and perhaps if climate allows intermittently through until autumn. The flowers of this most unusual clump forming perennial are quite exceptional the dainty blooms are lavender-white with darker mauve veins and edgings which sit prettily on the fresh green foliage that has chocolate or maroon coloured markings. Too keep this attractive little plant looking its best trim after flowering removing old stems and leaves to keep its shape. If time is not an issue then 4 plants per square metre is plenty but if a weed suppressing carpet is required quickly then 9-12 plants per square metre will do the job.

Our Geraniums are supplied in pots making planting much easier as time is not an issue providing the plants are kept watered. If you have any queries relating to this variety of Geranium or any other please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office.