The Geranium x magnificum Rosemoor is a variety of purple cranesbill from the Geraniaceae family and is a hardy perennial plant suitable as ground cover planting preferably in sunny areas. It is a hybrid of Hardy Geranium platypetalum and Geranium ibericum with quite heavily veined saucer shaped brilliant violet blue flowers appearing en masse in summer. Named for Rosemoor Gardens in Liverpool, which belongs to the Royal Horticultural Society, this vigorous plant is easy to establish and form a hummock of foliage and flowers along a sunny border which requires little maintenance.

The only site it will not tolerate is a waterlogged one. The fresh green deeply divided foliage will turn to pretty shades of yellow and pink in autumn which can be an advantage when planting with other varieties, giving an assortment of colour through the seasons. Geranium x magnificum Rosemoor in very useful for planting in rose beds and with cottage garden plants such as lupins and poppies to give contrast in height and leaf shape.

When planting Rosemoor it can go in as a single plant to form a hummock in a particular place or several can be planted together to make a complete weed suppressing carpet making garden maintenance a little easier. If the latter is required then anywhere between 4-12 plants per metre is recommended depending on budget and patience. The more you plant the quicker the cover and it will grow to about 40cm. Dead head through the flowering season to encourage more blooms thinning out any dead stalks and it is usual to split the plant in spring if it has grown too vigorously.

Geranium x magnificum Rosemoor can be purchased as a pot grown plant any time of the year as there is little disturbance to the roots. It will therefore establish very quickly covering the ground densely and reducing the possibility of weeds taking hold.

Any member of our team will be pleased to answer questions and queries relating to Geranium x magnificum Rosemoor or any other variety. So just telephone and we are there to help.