Geranium Wargrave Pink is a cultivar of the hybrid Geranium x oxonianum, meaning of Oxford, which was discovered in a nursery in the late 19th century by the nursery foreman. Also named cranesbill as the seed pod resembles the beak of the crane which when the seeds are ripe springs open to eject the seeds as far as possible, however it can also be attributed to the fact that the name Geranium is derived from the Greek word geranos meaning crane hence the term cranesbill.

The Geranium is often confused with Pelargoniums, the bedding plants which are usually replaced annually, as they were originally all part of one genus but separated in the late 18th century, however the common name of geranium was already set in people’s minds and is still to this day.

This clump forming evergreen perennial can be an exquisite addition to any garden border with its weed suppressing capacity throughout the year and the delicate salmon pink flowers from spring right through to autumn. The blooms will fade slightly with age but deadheading will encourage more flowers through those months, stripping out old shoots and stems will also produce more leaves but if the plant outgrows its space then it can be divided in spring.

A very versatile plant, Geranium x oxonianum Wargrave Pink will grow almost anywhere apart from wet ground. In fact, it will tolerate a short period of drought and although best grown in a sunny position it can grow in partial shade. Good for attracting insects and butterflies as pollinators, it is useful as well as pretty. It will grow up to approximately 60cm when in flower.

Many gardeners prefer to plant through the winter months in order that when springtime and hopefully better weather arrives the plants will get an early start. Ground cover Geraniums are supplied as pot grown and so can easily be planted at any time of year to suit the gardening schedule with little disturbance to the root system.

If you have any questions in respect of Geranium Wargrave Pink or any other variety please telephone one of our team and we will endeavour to help.