Waldsteinia ternata (Barren Strawberry)

During the spring and summer Waldsteinia ternata ground cover plants are clothed with large numbers of colourful yellow saucer shaped flowers held just above the lush dark green divided foliage. After flowering much of the foliage remains, even right through the winter months to give year round ground cover.

Try Wadsteinia ternata ground cover plants between larger plants in flower beds and under shrubs and trees, they go well with many other spring flowers and especially deeper blue colours. Not only is this tough plant also ideal for colonising more difficult areas such as banks and under established trees, it is one of the select few ground cover plants that will do well in damp shade, this plant is a genuine all rounder!

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Soil and site: Any soil type, tolerates wet and dry conditions

Flowering time: Spring and Summer

Growth rate: moderate

Ultimate height and spread: 10cm x 50cm

Hardiness: Fully hardy, tough easy and accommodating

Aftercare: Like all new plants, Waldsteinia ternata ground cover plants will need regular watering until well established, especially in harsher dry sites. Once well established very little maintenance is needed.