Golden Box Hedging plants (Buxus microphylla ‘Golden Triumph) make an interesting departure from the plain green varieties of Box hedge. The emerald green leaves have an irregular rich golden yellow margin, being a variety of Buxus microphylla this plant has a naturally bushy type of growth making it a great choice for interesting and colourful hedges and topiary specimens.

Golden Box hedging plants, along with Variegated box can be used for contrast against the dark green of the more traditional Common Box, especially within the intricate designs of Knot Gardens, Parterres, Potagers or formal herb gardens. You might like to browse our page of small ornamental hedges for further inspiration if this subject is of interest.

Golden Box hedging plants are perfect for a range of finished hedge heights, from 30-90cm in size.

Golden Box hedging plants will grow in all soil types including chalk and clay-based soils. The only dislike of a Box hedge is to have ‘wet feet’ so if your soil is prone to waterlogging you may like to check out our list of hedges for wet sites.

When planting Golden Box hedging plants it really does pay to incorporate plenty of organic matter, all types of box hedges have shallow fleshy roots and really appreciate good soil preparation. Mix the material (such as well rotted manure or garden compost) well into the soil together with a sparing amount of Bone Meal fertiliser as this will provide a reliable slow releasing feed for the first year after planting. Box hedges appreciate an annual mulch in spring to keep the fleshy shallow roots cool, garden compost or bark chips are ideal and will also prevent rain splashing up from the soil, a common way that Box Blight spreads.

We also recommend adding rootgrow at planting time, these native mycorrhizal fungi will colonise the roots of your new hedge and help it get established far more quickly.

If you need any guidance with planting then do take a look at our how to plant a hedge page, packed with useful information that will help get your new hedge off to a great start. We also send a printed copy with all orders so you have it for reference.

The best time for trimming Golden Box hedging plants is in early summer, if possible choose a dry breezy day so the cut edges dry off quickly and make sure your tools are sharp, this will limit the amount of damage to the hedge and prevent diseases from entering the hedge.

All our Golden Box hedging plants are pot grown and delivered to you in their pots, this means the plants suffer no root disturbance and so may be planted at any time of year. Like all our potted hedging plants, orders are picked from the growing beds daily, carefully packed and despatched to customers the same day meaning you get top quality fresh plants every time.

We recommend using 4-6 plants per metre for a hedge, the smaller plants needing a higher density for results in a reasonable timescale. The very lowest of hedges will also ideally have 6 per metre as very short hedges (40cm or smaller) really do show up any gaps at the bottom! You can of course plant further apart, but it does require more patience but with good after care and judicious trimming you can achieve excellent results.

Delivery is free on most orders over £50 (ex VAT) and we offer generous quantity discounts if you need a larger number of plants. You can order securely here on the website or call our friendly team of hedging experts on 01580 765600 to place your order, they will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.