Sea Buckthorn hedging (Hippophae Rhamnoides) is a variety of Buckthorn that is prickly, with foliage that is green with hints of silver. It’s a deciduous hedge which makes for a magnificent and attractive addition to any garden or landscape, as well as keeping intruders at bay.

In the spring, Sea Buckthorn hedges produce bright yellow flowers, and if a female plant this will be followed with stunning deep, bright orange berries come autumn. These will normally linger into winter too. The berries have Omega 3, 6, 9 and the extremely rare Omega 7 in them. It has long been used for many health benefits, including to help psoriasis, boost immunity and lower cholesterol. The berries are quite citrusy in taste, but are extremely high in nutritional value.

Sea Buckthorn hedging is quite easy to grow as it naturally stabilises soil, and can grow up to 20 feet/6 metres tall. It prefers to reside in a sunny spot and will flourish in soil that is well drained, as well as working really well in coastal areas as it is wind resistant. It is known for being a tough plant, and for putting up a good fight against frost. It is best to prune back the Sea Buckthorn in August to your desired height and width, as it can spread quickly along with its roots which make up an extensive system super fast.

Sea Buckthorn plants are available in bare root form for planting during dormancy in the winter months from November until Mid April. For more information on our Buckthorn Alder plants or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.