Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium) is a striking, large deciduous tree that has dark green, oval-shaped leaves with pointed tips. Its leaves begin a bronze colour when young, before turning green and then orange/crimson in the autumn. In late spring, clusters of stunning, bowl-shaped white flowers blossom followed by shiny red fruits, which provide food to the birds during colder months.

Sometimes referred to as ‘gean’, Wild Cherry is a popular ornamental tree in large gardens due to its straight trunk and rounded headed. If space permits, Wild Cherry also makes a great addition to a mixed native hedge.

Fast growing, Wild Cherry trees will grow on average 30cm to 60cm per year. It can reach heights of up to 20 metres and an ultimate spread of 8+ metres, taking between 20 to 50 years to reach its ultimate height and spread.

When growing Wild Cherry plants, they will thrive best in moderately fertile soil in full sun, and cannot tolerate waterlogged soils or full shade. When planting, we recommend 1 to 2 plants per metre, or 7 in a double staggered row for a fast-growing dense hedge. Trimming should be done after fruiting in July or August.

Our Wild Cherry plants comes from our family run nursery in Kent, and are available in a range of sizes as bare root or pot grown plants. Want to know more about Wild Cherry or need advice on planting your new garden hedge? Then contact us today.