Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) is a broad, deciduous tree with a wide-spreading head. The foliage can only be described as magnificent, with its breathtaking colours portrayed throughout the year.

The large toothed lobes are matt green in the spring, turning a glorious crimson colour in summer, continuing on through to autumn where you will also find acorns.

Fast growing, the Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) grows on average 15 to 30cm per year, with an ultimate height of 30 metres and an ultimate spread of 8+ metres. To reach its maximum height and spread it could take anywhere from 20 years up to 50 years. Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) is a hardy, easy to grow

Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) is a hardy, easy to grow deciduous tree that will thrive in deep, fertile, well-drained soil. It is ideal for adding to native hedgerows, encouraging wildlife, and for individual specimen trees.

When buying plants from Hopesgrovenurseries.co.uk, Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) comes from our family-run nursery in Kent. They are available as sturdy 150 to 175cm high pot grown plants, in 10 litre pots. This makes them easy to plant and establish.

Smaller Oak Red plants are also available bare rooted, for planting between November and March. For further information on Oak Red (Quercus Rubra), or if you need advice on buying or planting your new garden hedge, contact us today.