The shrubby cinquefoil Pretty Polly is a pretty cultivar with clear pink buttercup shaped flowers produced through long summer months. A plant common to the countries of Northern Asia it a popular choice for many gardens in the UK.

Potentilla Pretty Polly will grow in poor but free draining soil. The colour of the flowers are best retained by planting in light or dappled shade as strong sunlight can fade the blooms. The attractive baby pink buttercup shaped flowers sit well on the small dark green leaves and make a wonderful show if planted in swathes over shady ground or low less formal hedging.

Planting this colourful little shrub at 3-5 plants per metre will make a low edging of 50-60cm in height or 4-6 plants per square metre in borders or beds. Best trimmed in autumn to shape but light clipping to tidy the plant can be done in summer to prevent longer shoots looking straggly. Can cope occasionally with more severe clipping if they have been left too long.

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