Spiraea japonica ‘Goldflame’, a cultivar of shrubs in the Rosaceae family, is a very popular golden form variety and lives up to its name admirably.

A shrub where its foliage provides superb colour for all bar the winter months, firstly in spring when the new leaves emerge red from bare twigs and branches. This quickly turns orange and then to a rich bright yellow/gold colour when in full leaf. Pinkish red flower heads set beautifully against the foliage, and are produced over a long season during the summer months.

A planting spot in the garden or a pot placed strategically where the shrub will be lit by the sun behind it, will show off the stunning foliage beautifully. It makes a great small hedge and as ground cover, also super on a patio. Trimming off faded flowers encourages an additional flush of flowers.

Spiraea Goldflame is great hardy little shrub that will grow in any reasonable moist well drained soil. If planting in chalky soil, a good helping of organic matter along with a mulch will benefit it greatly. It is a slow grower at 10-20cm per year making it a great little plant for small hedges of 60cm or so or as ground cover.

Happy to be planted in full sun or partial shade, in either an exposed or sheltered position makes Spirea Goldflame a very easy plant to position and grow. Pruning should take place in spring, buds will then be produced on the new wood created in the same season. If wishing to tidy up the plant and cut it back hard, this must only be done in late winter or early spring.

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