Spiraea Nipponica ‘Snowmound’, native to Japan, is a cultivator of Spraea Nipponica a species in the Rosaceae family. A glorious spring flowering shrub, this deciduous medium sized dense shrub has an elegant low arching habit covered with small ovate leaves. The stems are blanketed in late spring / early summer with tiny white five petalled flowers in clusters covering the foliage.

A versatile tough and robust shrub, it is excellent for difficult areas, banks, foundation planting and any area requiring taller ground cover. Spiraea Nipponica Snowmound makes an excellent hedge or an individual shrub, especially when in flower as it is a truly spectacular sight, with the added advantage that it is wildlife friendly specifically attracting to butterflies.

This hardy shrub can be planted in almost any well drained soil but does really benefit from organic matter being added if the soil is chalky plus the addition of a mulch. It will thrive whether planted in a sheltered or exposed site if in full sun or partial shade. Growing to around 200cm, it is suitable for hedges between 120-200cm, with a growth rate of 30-50cm per year. The best time to prune is immediately after flowering.