A perfect shrub for bringing stylish architecture to any garden even one where space is at a premium as it retains its elegant conical shape as it grows up. In late spring and early summer, very pretty white and apple-blossom pink tinged fragrant lacecap flowers cover the intriguing and distinctive tiered branches of this medium sized deciduous plant. The flowers are set off by heart-shaped mid green deeply veined leaves which turn rich and beautiful autumnal colours of orange and red along with glossy berries loved by the birds. It was understandably named Chelsea Flower Show plant of the year in 2015 with its superb architectural value throughout the seasons.

This is a great hardy low maintenance plant for borders or as a specimen shrub. Ideal for most environments, positioned in full sun or partial shade, a sheltered or exposed spot, in most moist well drained soil. Being a fairly slow grower reaching up to around 3 metres, it requires little pruning but if shoots are likely to mar the tiered shape of the plant when it is established, cut them back to where they have sprouted from in summer after flowering.

Sold in pots, these are available to plant out at any time of year to suit gardening plans. Please do call our sales team for any further information, they will be very pleased to help.