The evergreen foliage is glossy and deep green making an excellent backdrop for the colourful new growths that appear in Spring, and again at any time the shrub is trimmed during the growing season. Viburnum odoratissimum is better known as the sweet Viburnum and this new variety does not disappoint – the confetti clusters of pure white flowers appearing in May and June carry a delicious sweet scent.

Despite its handsome good looks, Viburnum Coppertop is a tough and resilient plant suited to most situations in the garden. Well drained soil is recommended but the plant will grow perfectly well in full sun or partial shade making it suitable for most areas in the garden. Pruning or trimming is best carried out in Autumn or Spring however a clip at any time in the season will result in a fresh crop of the eye catching coppery-red new growth shortly after, keeping the shrub looking neat and colourful.

If Viburnum Coppertop shrubs are left untrimmed, expect an ultimate size of 2.5 metres high x 1.5 metres wide. These bushy evergreen shrubs are ideal for hedging purposes, while this is a brand new plant, we think it would be ideal for hedges from 1-2 metres in height (using 2-3 plants per metre).