Weigela Rosea, often referred to as Weigela Florida was the first of the Weigela species to be imported into gardens in the west from eastern Asia especially with Japan, where a number of Weigela species were found, giving more access to foreigners. Named after a German scientist Christian Weigel, the first plants arrived in Britain in the mid-19th century and currently there is a national Weigela collection at Sheffield Botanical gardens with another national collection in Germany at Buckow. Weigela Rosea is a deciduous shrub from the family Caprifoliaceae much sought after as an attractive ornamental plant with its colourful clusters of rose pink tubular foxglove shaped flowers which appear from May until July, occasionally repeating later in the season. Weigela Florida is superb as a stand-alone shrub at the back of a border or will make an eye-catching colourful informal hedge.

Weigela Rosea is quite a robust shrub that will happily grow in any reasonable soil in sun or partial shade and will also tolerate a certain amount of pollution which is a real bonus. For an informal hedge of between 120-200cm in height we would recommend 3-4 plants per metre to give a good display with growth of 30-40cm per year. Trimming should be done just after flowering.

If planting a hedge bare root plants are the most economical way of doing it as they are far cheaper than pot grown plants which tend to be more labour intensive to produce thus the reason they are more expensive. Bare root Weigela Rosea however can only be planted between the months of November and March when they are dormant.

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