English Yew or Taxus Baccata is one of the most popular hedging species suitable for hedges of all sizes as well as topiary and other designs. New growth is light green darkening as it ages to deep green, and its tiny leaves clip beautifully giving neat, sharp edges.

English Yew hedges will grow well in any soil that has good drainage and do well even on exposed sites. These versatile hedging plants are suitable for any position from full sun to full shade.

Taxus Baccata is often considered to be slow growing but with good soil preparation and aftercare, annual growth of up to 30cm or more can be expected once the new hedge is established. A new Yew will grow from even the modest sized plants, and will provide coverage within a reasonable timescale.

Yew is one of the few conifers that regenerates from its old wood. Old hedges however overgrown can be chopped back with confidence knowing new green shoots will emerge from even the most unpromising brown stems. Drastic surgery like this is best done in Spring while more routine trimming is best carried out once a year in autumn.

Colourful fleshy berries (that are very popular with birds) appear on older Yew plants, like all parts of the plant, these are poisonous to humans and farm stock, so planting a Yew hedge next to fields of grazing animals should be avoided.

When grown as a hedge English Yew may be clipped to any size from 30cm up to several metres, and is a good replacement for Box hedges where blight has taken hold. It certainly is one of the best for larger formal hedges of all types.

Planting density does depend on the size of plant you opt for, how tall you want the hedge to be ultimately and how patient you are.

As a rough guide the smaller, lower hedges require more plants per metre (but using the smallest and most economical plants), whereas taller hedges require fewer, especially when using the larger sizes to start.

You can see our recommended planting density for each plant size but please bare in mind that these are only intended as a guide. You can plant further apart and they will still make a fine hedge with a little patience.

Our pot grown Yew hedging plants are available all year round, and because the roots are not disturbed at planting time, they may be expected to establish quickly and easily. We usually have a complete range of sizes from small starter plants in 9cm pots that are ideal for low hedges, right through to large bushy Yew hedge plants up to 2 metres for instant effect.

If you have any questions about pot grown Yew hedging plants or any other plants in our range please call our experienced sales team on 01580 765600 for more information.

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