The Amelanchier Obelisk (Amelanchier Alnifolia ‘Obelisk’) may only be a small deciduous tree, but it makes for a wonderful upright and architectural masterpiece to any garden, especially a small one. It is an elegant tree, that produces stunning white flowers that unusually face upwards during April and May, which are followed by deep purple edible fruits and beautiful, rich green leaves. It also puts on a good show in autumn, providing you with gorgeous orange hues once the leaves have changed colour.

When it comes to planting, the Amelanchier Obelisk can be planted in either full sun or partial shade and prefers well drained, moist soil, that has neutral to acidic, fertile elements to it, but it can withstand most soil types. If left unpruned and planted in the ground, it can grow to fifteen feet and spread as wide as four feet. The Amelanchier Obelisk is a great, hardy tree to include in your garden for wildlife to forage from, as well as being easy to grow – as it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Amelanchiers have many names and varieties Juneberry, Serviceberry and Snowy Mespilus to name but a few they are from the Rosaceae family and are native to some of the less harsh regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

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