Ornamental Crabapple trees are a group of delightfully decorative small hardy trees with a broad pyramid shape, making a lovely feature in any garden as a specimen. They can also be used to line driveways or delineate large borders and landscaped areas.

They produce stunning fragrant pretty blossoms varying in colour from pure white to deep pink depending on the variety chosen, during spring, followed by an abundance of beautifully coloured little apple fruits in the autumn. For example, Golden Hornet can be clothed in a profusion of white flowers with bright yellow autumnal fruits.

The summer leaf is green in a lot of varieties but in the case of Royalty it is a deep purple, which becomes a richly coloured autumn leaf. Once the leaf has dropped these vibrant fruits are often retained into winter months, making this tree a treasure for interest and colour when the nights are drawing in and days are dull.

Not only are these fruits loved by the birds, we are able to enjoy their riches in the form of delicious crabapple jelly where John Downie is reputed to produce the best fruits for jelly making as they are really too bitter for us to eat without cooking first.

The fact that these hedges will grow in any reasonable soil as long as it does not become waterlogged means they are easy to place in a virtually any area of a garden to enable enjoyment of that all year interest. They are frost hardy and can tolerate urban pollution.

If you have any further enquiries about the Ornamental Crabapple, then please get in touch with one of our friendly staff who all have excellent knowledge of our plants here at the nursery.

Further Information about Crabapple Ornamental Trees & Shrubs