A delightful small tree that is clothed in a profusion of white flowers during April and May followed by heavy crops of bright yellow fruits that persist well into winter. Hardy and easily grown small trees cultivated for the beauty of their spring blossom during April and May and equally colourful displays of crabapples later in the year, these are often retained after the leaves have fallen in autumn and are very popular with birds.

Although the fruits are too bitter to eat they may be turned into a delicious crabapple jelly. Any reasonable soil that does not become waterlogged.

These hardy trees produce stunning fragrant blossoms in spring and equally attractive fruits which are much loved by birds. Ideal as specimens and will tolerate most soils making them easy to grow. Golden Hornet and John Downie also make excellent pollinators for fruiting apples.

White flowers open from pink buds, vivid yellow crabapples are retained until late in the year. This variety is an excellent pollinator for fruiting apples. Tolerates most soils.