Ornamental Elder Black Lace – Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’
A delightful variety of black elder with deeply divided rich purple foliage rather like that of a Dissectum Japanese maple only with a much more robust constitution. Perfect if you are looking for a plant with an oriental quality that is easy to grow and care for.

In early summer a profusion of musk scented pink flushed elderflowers appear from creamy pink buds, they look stunning set against the dark leaves. The characteristic clusters of red-black shiny elderberries appear later in the season and are very popular with birds and other wildlife. The flowers can be used to make cordial and the berries are popular with wine and jam makers. The striking leaves turn to vibrant red in Autumn before they fall.

Makes a dramatic specimen plant in a border, bed or container but can also works well when planted as part of a hedge. Will reach 3 metres in height if left unpruned.

These are newer varieties of our native Elderberry with very colourful deep purple foliage and contrasting richly coloured pink flower clusters. They are relatively large and easily grown shrubs and their decorative foliage ensures a long season of interest once flowering has finished. Tolerant of all soil types and may be hard pruned in spring to maintain both shape and the intensity of leaf colour.

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