Ornamental Elder Black Tower – Sambucus nigra ‘Black Tower’
A large leaved and robust variety that grows naturally into a narrow slender column, the toothed leaves emerge greenish-purple and quickly deepen in the sun to a rich burgundy purple. The pink flushed scented flowers emerge in June in flattened sprays, contrasting beautifully against the rich dark purple of the leaves. The edible glossy round dark purple to almost black berries, often used cooked in jams, sauces and cordials follow later in the Summer, pick them as soon as they are ripe or leave them as a feast for the birds.

An interesting, striking and very architectural new plant that has the potential for creating a bold statement in imaginative beds and borders contrasted with other plants. Suitable for smaller areas due to its upright nature yet can hold its own in larger gardens, it can even be grown in a container– let your imagination run riot!

These are newer varieties of our native Elderberry with very colourful deep purple foliage and contrasting richly coloured pink flower clusters. They are relatively large and easily grown shrubs and their decorative foliage ensures a long season of interest once flowering has finished. Tolerant of all soil types and may be hard pruned in spring to maintain both shape and the intensity of leaf colour. Can grow to a height of 250cm and a spread of 120cm.

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