Fremontodendron Ornamental Trees & Shrubs

Also known as Flannel bush due to the soft leathery feel of its lobed leaves, large bright yellow flowers adorn this attractive evergreen shrub from late spring to autumn.

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  • Fremontodendron California Glory 2-3ft 60/80cm

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These are eye-catching and very floriferous evergreen shrubs produce a succession of their large bright yellow flowers throughout the season from late spring until autumn. The lobed leaves have a soft leathery feel to the touch hence the common name Flannel bush. As the name suggests these plants are native to California and so require a warm and sheltered south facing border – even better a warm and sheltered south facing wall where they can grow to 6 metres. Moist but well drained soil, may be cut back by frost in very cold spells but established plants will readily recover the following spring.