This is an exceptionally beautiful variety of Hazel in the Corylus genus, valued for its opulent rich purple foliage, catkins which are reddish purple suspended from bare branches in late winter with crops of purple shaded nuts later in summer.

Superb as a specimen shrub in any setting but can also make the most eye-catching excellent hedge. Corylus maxima ‘Purpurea’, commonly called Purple leaved Filbert, is a species of hazel native to south eastern Europe and southwestern Asia and related to common hazel. The edible nut is very similar to the hazelnut but the nut is more fully enclosed by the tubular husk. This medium to large hardy deciduous shrub of bushy habit is easy to grow in any reasonable soil in sun or shade, adding a deeper dimension to borders, giving an illustrious backdrop to bright colourful flowers with its intense purple broad-leaved summer foliage.

A very versatile shrub tolerating just about all soil conditions if well drained, accommodating exposed or sheltered positions. Requires little or no pruning, but if wishing to do so, should be done in late winter or early spring. With a medium growth rate, Purple Hazel can reach approximately 6m if allowed to over time.

Sold as bare root plants, the time to plant is between November and March when they are dormant. Preparing the ground ahead of receiving the plants is always advised if possible but is not essential. They can be healed in until ready to plant, unless it is right at the end of the season when they should be planted in their permanent position as soon as received. We are happy to assist further and welcome calls to the office with any questions.