An outstanding tree of spreading habit with huge buttery yellow leaves that are bronze when young. While the Golden Bean Tree will ultimately grow to 10 metres or more it is sometimes grown as a large shrub (hard pruned in spring) which increases the leaf size even further, quite something with a bold drift of blue Agapanthus in front.

These graceful deciduous trees have exceptionally large heart shaped leaves and distinctive panicles of white flowers that stand proudly above the foliage in late summer, often followed by the clusters of long slender seed pods from which the tree gets its name. For specimen planting (in a lawn for example) few trees are more deserving. Any reasonable soil as long as not waterlogged, not suitable for exposed sites as the large leaves tend to get damaged by wind.

Medium sized deciduous tree. This outstanding form produces large velvety bright yellow foliage in spring that slowly turn to green. May be hard pruned in spring to produce oversized golden foliage which contrasts perfectly with purple or blue coloured plants, Agapanthus in particular.