As with most Lilac’s, Beauty of Moscow is an intensely fragrant lilac, also known as ‘Krasavista Moskvy’. It produces an abundance of upstanding panicles of exquisitely beautiful feminine double white flowers opening from pink buds in late spring and early summer. These intensely fragrant flowers emerge at the top the branches above lustrous heart shaped foliage showing of their beauty.

Native to eastern Europe, Russain hybridist Leonoid Kolesniko crossed lilacs from a Russian selection with the French cultivar ‘Belle de Nancy’ producing this elegantly flowered cultivar, introducing it in 1943. This popular and hardy deciduous medium sized shrub is great for mixed borders or as a feature plant attracting the butterflies. It is also a very useful shrub used as a cutting plant as the blooms are perfect for long lasting flower arrangements if cut fresh, also excellent used in bridal bouquets.

Lilac Beauty of Moscow are easy to grow in any reasonable soil in full sun or partial shade growing up to 3 or 4 metres. They are not fast or slow growers and when pruning, it is important to prune straight after they have finished flowering as next years buds are produced soon after flowering.

Sold in pots, these can be brought at any time of year which makes planning when you want to plant a lot more flexible. We are open for phone calls in the office if you have any further questions you would like us to try and help you with.