Lilac Carpe Diem is one of the most fragrant flowering varieties of lilac or Syringa a name which originated from the Greek syrinx meaning pipe or tube referring to the hollow stems of lilac. From the family Oleaceae, native to south-eastern Europe and eastern Asia it is also closely related to the Privet or Ligustrum.

Lilac Carpe Diem is a bushy growing deciduous shrub with the handsome flower spikes of light blue-mauve appearing in late spring above the heart-shaped leaves. Syringa vulgaris Carpe Diem is an ideal shrub for growing in parks and gardens especially for attracting butterflies with the fabulous blooms which appear on old wood from early spring through into summertime. Occasionally lilac wood is used for engraving and production of musical instruments and knife handles.

A hardy plant, Lilac Carpe Diem is easy to grow in most soils although preferring an alkaline soil, as long as the soil is well-drained, however it will not tolerate long dry spells so would need watering in that instance. It will grow either in full sun or partial shade. Pruning should be kept to a minimum as the flowers bloom on old wood, so would be detrimental if pruned hard. Syringa vulgaris Carpe Diem will grow to between 3-4 metres so would make a superb display when in flower.

When planting out a garden scheme it is good to know that you can put the plants in straight away. As Lilac Carpe Diem is sold as a pot plant so there is no trauma to the root system when replanting it can be placed in situ immediately regardless of the time of year. Pot grown plants are easy and quick to establish so the results can be appreciated sooner.

If you have any queries with regard to Lilac Carpe Diem or any other variety please phone one of our team and we will be happy to help.