Lilacs are very popular deciduous ornamental garden shrubs, known for their sweet fragrance. There are numerous hybrids that have been developed from the original Syringa Vulgaris, often called French Lilacs because most of the pioneering work developing these different forms of lilac was done in France by three generations of the famous hybridizer Victor Lemoine’s family. Victor Lemoine, unable to leave Nancy in France due to the Franco-Prussian war set about the task of creating these hybrids as a distraction!

The multiple varieties, extending the originally limited colour range and flowers, were introduced over a period spanning 71 years of this families work. The fragrance of some may not have the perfumed delight of the common lilac but they are still deliciously heady with the added bonus of more saturated hues from the sumptuous flowers of these fantastic shrubs.

Syringa vulgaris Lebioduszka is a fine example of lilac, where clusters of delicate shell pink buds open to pure white panicle flower heads, delightful above the bright green heart shaped foliage. These flowers are loved by the birds and the bees and are often used in flower arranging even though they only flower for a short season in late spring. If there was an appropriate place in a garden, an avenue of Lilac Lebioduszka would be a fantastic addition.

Draught tolerant, thriving in most well drained soils makes Lilac an easy plant to place and grow in a mixed border or in a pot. With an average growth rate of up to approximately 30cm per year, most varieties will grow to 3 or 4 metres they are considered low maintenance shrubs. Lilacs are generally thought of as a hardy shrub and can take hard pruning, the best time for pruning is straight after it has ceased flowering.

Sold in pots, these can be planted out at any time of year. Please do call our offices if there is any further information you may require and we will try to help.