Lilac Lila Wonder is one of a variety of Lilac plants which are very popular deciduous shrubs native to the Balkan peninsula but naturalized in other parts of Europe including Great Britain. It is a hardy, more upright species than other lilacs producing dense spikes of single lilac flowers with an attractive white margin, although at a glance you would think they were a single colour it is only when close up you see the white edgings.

The pretty heart shaped leaves of Lila Wonder are typical of most lilacs and turn a burgundy/bronze colour in autumn. Syringa vulgaris Lila Wonder to give it its Latin name, will attract many species of butterfly into the garden so is a shrub well-liked by wildlife enthusiasts especially for taking natural photographs if you have the patience.

The flowering time for Lilac Lila Wonder is between May and June, not only bringing colour into the garden but fragrance as well adding to the appeal of the shrub. It is best grown in full sun or partial shade in reasonable but well-drained soil, although it will cope with moist areas as it will not cope with drought for too long. Growing to approximately 3 metres tall it will be a beautiful specimen in the garden pruning only lightly after flowering as the next seasons flowers are produced on old wood.

Buying pot grown Syringa Lila Wonder means that you can plant at leisure as there is no season for pot grown plants. The plants will establish quite quickly with no trauma to the root system. Lilac Lila Wonder will enhance any planting scheme with the fragrant flowers also being used for flower arrangements.

Any questions you may have in respect of Lilac Lila Wonder or any other variety of Lilac ring one of our team and we will be pleased to help.