Lilac Ellen Willmott is one of a variety of Syringa vulgaris, a hardy, deciduous fragrant flowering shrub which would enhance any garden. Named as with numerous other plants after Ellen Willmott who was a horticulturalist and influential member of the R.H.S. in the late 19th century and early 20th century and the very first to be awarded The Victoria Medal of Honour. In her lifetime she cultivated tens of thousands of plants and was renowned for her sponsorship of expeditions to search for new species initially for her home Warley Place which she inherited from her father. In spring to early summer, the creamy green flower buds of this upright growing variety, open to pure virgin white double flowers with a very heady aroma and are much sought after as cut flowers for arrangements and to attract bees and butterflies to the garden for wildlife enthusiasts.

Lilac Miss Ellen Willmott is a medium sized shrub growing to about 3-4 metres, preferring full sun to light shade in reasonable well-drained soil. As with most lilacs it will not tolerate dry weather for long periods so extra watering would be necessary in that event. To prune Syringa vulgaris Miss Ellen Willmott, make sure it is carried out just after flowering as the next seasons blooms are set shortly afterwards.

Planting Lilac Miss Ellen Willmott is very easy as it is supplied as pot grown and so can go straight into the garden regardless of the time of year. There is no disturbance to the root system when planting this hardy shrub so it will establish easily.

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