Mountain Ash Joseph Rock is a small, neat deciduous tree popular for its foliage, flowers and berries. One of several shrubs and trees from the genus Sorbus, they are native to the cooler temperate areas of the northern hemisphere with some species even growing in the Himalayas.

As a specimen tree it is perfect for adding colour to a garden or parkland and a great attraction for wildlife with the pretty white flowers in spring developing into clusters of creamy white berries which then turn to deep amber yellow in autumn. These berries will remain on the tree long after the leaves have fallen providing much needed sustenance for the birds. The delicate feathery green foliage in spring which gives a perfect backdrop to the flowers and berries also provides an artist’s palette of colour in autumn with its red, orange, copper and purple hues.

An easy to grow tree Sorbus Joseph Rock will grow in most reasonable moist soils if they are well-drained and in full sun or partial shade so are perfect for planting as a specimen to give best effect anywhere in the garden. Mountain Ash Joseph Rock will grow to approximately 10 metres tall.

For planting on a budget, we supply Sorbus Joseph Rock as a bare root plant during the months from November through to March when it is dormant, however if a slightly larger more mature specimen is required then it can be supplied as pot grown for planting at any time of year with less disturbance to the root system.

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