Wisteria floribunda Alba is a species of plant native to Japan, thus colloquially called Japanese Wisteria, and belongs to the pea family Fabaceae having one of the longest flower racemes of any wisteria reaching about 50-60cm in length. It can be a number of years before the flowers start to form but when they do they are very aromatic with a scent similar to grapes.

Wisteria floribunda Alba is a deciduous climbing plant with a gnarled habit of growth many metres long set off beautifully by the cascading foliage and blooms, sometimes needing a support such as trellis because of the weight of the growth. This is wonderfully described by the specimen on the Japanese Bridge in Claude Monet’s garden in France which is absolutely amazing. Grown over a frame such as a pergola or against the wall of a house it will live to be admired for many years.

A hardy plant, Wisteria floribunda Alba will survive quite low temperatures but prefers a sheltered site in full sun for best flowering although they will tolerate partial shade in any reasonable, moist but well-drained soil. It can eventually grow to 9-10 metres tall with a spread of about 6 metres but will require regular pruning to keep it in shape and encourage flowering in late spring to early summer.

Wisteria floribunda Alba does not like being moved and as we supply it in pots it is possible to test out where to put it before actually planting if a specific place has not been decided upon. Pot grown plants can be planted at any time of year as there is little or no trauma to the root system and they will establish quite quickly.

All of our Wisteria plants are grafted, although they may be a little more expensive they will flower more prolifically and from a younger age.

Any questions pertaining to Wisteria floribunda Alba can be directed by telephone to one of our team who will be happy to help.