Wisteria Macrobotrys is of the floribunda family which originates from Japan and is also known as Japanese Wisteria. Although grown in Japan for many hundreds of years it was only introduced to the USA in the early1800’s. Now grown almost worldwide and instantly recognisable for the long racemes of highly fragrant flowers. This particular variety produces blooms some 100cm long in the most stunning lilac tinged with blue-purple colour. All the floribunda Japanese Wisteria will wind their way up a trellis or wall with some support in a clockwise direction. The sweetly scented flowers appear before the leaves unfurl in June.

This stunning plant is fully hardy and will achieve heights of 28 feet if given strong support wires attached to a wall. They make a superb show if grown along a pergola as the long racemes hang down showing them to their best advantage. This very decorative showy climber is best grown as a specimen without competition from other climbers. They are best purchased as grafted plants to enjoy the flowers earlier as seed grown plants can take many years to produce flowers. They must have well prepared soil and full sun to bring out the best of the scent and beauty of the racemes. Being too generous with the feed will only encourage foliage not flowers so best to be light handed when feeding. Pruning a couple of months after flowering to 5 or 6 new leaves will encourage new bloom and stop the plant becoming too unruly.

We supply our Wisteria in pots which allows planting at any time of year regardless of climate. Should you have any queries relating to the planting of this stunning plant then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.