Wisteria sinensis Prolific is a deciduous climber of Chinese origin native to about seven of the more south easterly provinces such as Guangxi, Guizhou and Hubei. Although a climbing plant, and unlike the Japanese wisteria growing in an anti-clockwise manner, it can also be cultivated into a tree shape more often with a flat top. The flowers always open before the leaves have fully expanded and appear simultaneously in April to June and although shorter in length than the Japanese variety they can be much more prolific.

A longer-lived variety than the floribundas, it can survive for over 100 years, it will only begin to flower in its adult stage which could be 20 years or more, however if purchased as a grafted plant (all our Wisteria are grafted) this time will be substantially reduced to 2 or 3 years in a sunny spot. As with all wisteria it will need a sturdy framework for support such as a pergola or garden arch, or if growing against a wall, straining wires to hold it up.

Wisteria Floribunda Macrobotrys is best grown in full sun and although it is said to tolerate some shade it flowers best in a sunny situation. It will grow to between 20-30 metres in length over a period of time and when in flower gives off a light perfume. To encourage flowering for the next season the plant should be pruned regularly twice a year, first in August then in February this will also help to keep it from becoming too large.

We supply several varieties of Wisteria as well as Wisteria sinensis Prolific so if you have any queries with reference to any of the varieties then ring one of our team and we will be happy to help.