Cotinus Shrubs (Smoke Bush)


These are valuable deciduous shrubs grown for their luxurious oval shaped foliage that is available in different shades and turns to brilliant Autumnal hues giving a long season of interest. In July and August all smoke bushes become shrouded in their namesake flowers, clouds of tiny inflorescences cover the shrubs giving the effect of a haze or smoke cloud around the bushes. We stock a selection of varieties including the smaller Cotinus Young Lady and Cotinus Golden Lady and the larger types of which Cotinus Royal Purple is probably best known, although these varieties can attain 5 metres or more, are more suusally seen hard prunued in late Winter to produce the best foliage. They all make good feature shrubs in a sunny bed or border, the smaller types are good container plants and all could be considered as a decorative infromal hedge (2 plants per metre)

Types of Cotinus Shrubs (Smoke Bush)

Cotinus (Smoke Bush)

Smoke bushes are at their best when grown in full sun, they prefer well drained good soil for good results. Although pruning is not strictly necessary, if they are cut back to 2-3 buds in late Winter or early Spring, the intensity of colour in the foliage display is improved and leaf size is increased. At the same time any diseased or congested branches can be removed to maintain a good framework.

A generous mulch in early Spring will also help to retain moisture and improve the show of foliage.