Deutzia is a deciduous shrub native to eastern and central Asia 50 different species can be found in China. They were brought to Europe in the mid 1800’s to be used as ornamental plants in gardening schemes.

They are a very hardy shrub as the areas in Asia where they were found are often frozen but since being introduced to Europe or more specifically England they are encouraged to flower earlier by milder spring temperatures which unfortunately means they can then occasionally be affected by sharp late frosts. Deutzia produces a reliable show of flowers in early summer and bridges a gap between Spring and Summer flowering garden plants. This versatile shrub has attractive pointed dark green leaves and brown peeling bark which becomes visible when the foliage drops in autumn.

They are suited for back of borders or in beds to draw the eye to a point of interest. Deutzias prefer open sunny sites protected from icy winds and not north facing. This is a strong growing shrub that can reach 3 metres or more. They require space to flourish therefore should not be planted to close in mixed borders. Deutzias are drought resistant but tolerate being planted is slightly moist soil but must be well drained.