Why should you plant Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields Shrubs in the UK?

Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields has an extensive range of benefits, no matter what type of garden you have or what level of gardening skill you are!

You should plant Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields shrubs in your garden because:

  • Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields shrubs are ideal for bridging the ‘June gap’ between Spring and Summer flowering plants in your garden design. 
  • These pastel pink beauties are very popular with pollinating insects.
  • Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields has a slight scent so will fill your garden with sweet tones.
  • They are easy to maintain throughout the year and only need to be pruned back annually.
  • Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields is unlikely to be challenged by pests or diseases, which makes them a strong addition to your garden.

How to grow Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields Shrubs in the UK

Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields can be planted any time of year, so if you want gorgeous pink petals to flower in your garden across June and July each year, don’t hesitate to order!

Deutzias prefer open sunny sites protected from icy winds and not North facing. Deutzias are drought resistant but tolerate being planted in slightly moist soil. Although it must be well drained.

They are suited for back of borders or in beds to draw the eye to a point of interest. However, Deutzias require space to flourish, therefore should not be planted too closely together in mixed borders. Deutzias can also be planted to make an unusual and informal flowering hedge or screen (plant 2-3 plants per metre, trim after flowering). 

To maintain a good shape with Deutzia hybrida Strawberry Fields, the shrubs can be pruned back to 2 or 3 buds of the previous year’s growth straight after flowering.

How to grow Deutzia hybrida Strawberry Fields factfile:

Position: Full sun

Foliage: Deciduous

Soil and site: Best in slightly moist, well-drained soil

Flowering time: June-July

Ultimate height: Height to 2m

Hardiness: Hardy

Aftercare: Requires little maintenance but best to prune straight after flowering. If you have any questions about planting Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields in the UK, get in touch with us today. You can also take a look at our other Deutzia Shrubs, including the incredible Deutzia Hybrida Perle Rose shrubs, a lovely lilac shrub!