Diosma Shrubs

Diosma (Breath of Heaven)

Bushy and low growing evergreen shrubs, Diosma are similar to Heathers in appearance and enjoy similar conditions – neutral or acid soil. They are grown for their masses of tiny, fragrant star shaped flowers that appear in late Winter and Spring on the ends of the branches. A small shrub that will naturally develop into a low bun shape, they are great in a sunny and sheltered spot close to the front of a border or rock garden and they do well in containers which can be useful in colder localities. They may then be moved to a sheltered spot in the worst Winter weather as they arent particularly hardy.

Diosma prefer well drained soil that is neutral or acid, best grown in a sheletered sunny spot as they wont tolerate cold and exposed situations. (These shrubs originate from South Africa)

A low maintenance shrub that seldom needs pruning, when it is necessary this is best undertaken in Spring, immediatly after flowering