Diosma Ericoides Sunset Gold Shrubs

Diosma ericoides Sunset Gold (Breath of Heaven)

A bushy small evergreen shrub with linear golden foliage, during late Winter and Spring masses of fragrant pink tinged white flowers are produced on the tips of the branched. A low and bushy shrub that will slowly grow into a bun shape of 70cm x90cm. Plant Diosma Sunset Gold in a warm and sunny spot in well drained soil. Diosma aren’t particularly hardy so in colder areas they are suited to containers that can be moved to protection before the harsh winter weather begins.

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Diosma prefer well drained soil that is neutral or acid, best grown in a sheltered sunny spot as they won’t tolerate cold and exposed situations.

A low maintenance shrub that seldom needs pruning, when it is necessary this is best undertaken in Spring, immediately after flowering.